Teaching Mental Tech

I’d say that teaching people mental tech, like the stuff from Parts I and II of this blog, feels like a bad use of time to the extent it requires me to do so directly, e.g. where I have to actually spend time doing teaching. (Possible exception for when I’m actively learning about which parts give people the most trouble; right now it seems that most people read the whole blog and then come up with reasons why it won’t work, instead of just starting on mindfulness meditation as described in Part I).

A large part of the reason being, that it seems like you can’t teach people things you don’t know (namely, they won’t be able to figure out a plan to save the world if you can’t). And, impact is highly superlinear with respect to ability to think well. (It’s more likely that I personally end up funding geoengineering that reduces global temperatures by 1-3 degrees C, than that all of the scientists/politicians/activists whose sole job is global warming, even taken as a group, manage to do anything similarly useful).

Sort of like, ability to save the world mostly doesn’t add, the most effective people have all the impact. Plausibly, impact outside of vampireland adds, and the main hurdle is, “is this basically working within the system in the same way both antimalarial nets and even nonstandard EA stuff does, or is it building a new thing”. Though, people will attack you for doing things outside the system, so such things may not last, so maybe what really adds is, prey herd thinking outside of the system? This wording feels subtly wrong , but still mostly right in the ways that matter.

It’s also very hard to find people who are receptive to learning in just the right way, as most people have too much at stake in how things are to take the risk of, you know, being willing to redesign their minds.

I do think, though, that it might be a decent use of time to set up some sort of school or camp that taught the tech in Parts I and II of this blog, if doing so took zero time in terms of upkeep once set up, and if I had enough money to do so after funding more important stuff to cap.

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