Introduction to Vipassana

This section is optional if you’re looking to receive the benefits promised from Part I, Part II and Part III; it’s just a less-good replacement for the skills in Part I. It used to be its own Part IV, though I recently replaced it, as people were finding it just strictly inferior to Part I.

In other words, the following posts are mostly about paying attention to your body, as opposed to normal, breath-focused mindfulness meditation. The kind that Vipassana retreats try to get you to do for the whole retreat, even though you should ignore that and just do breath-monitoring, e.g. anapana meditation for the whole retreat if you want to optimize for emotional processing. Most posts are copypasted from, as the author killed herself and the site will be going down shortly. It seems like she killed herself because she was missing the skills from Part III, and especially because of internalized transphobia.

Anyways, this post will link to another post, which will link to another etc, but they aren’t listed on the front page since I don’t think they’re that great. Here’s an index of all the Vipassana posts:

The benefit of paying attention to your body and muscles in the ways outlined in this chapter is that, you’ll sometimes dredge up feelings or emotions by doing so. This can be particularly useful if you feel like you’ve worked through most of your emotions and emotional pain, but are still trying to process through a few lingering ones.

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