My Thoughts on Ziz

e.g the author of I can be assumed to agree with her on points not listed here, since she has good takes on doing what you want being important for having willpower and thus for saving the world, on living in a car/rv being a good idea, on Blanchard and transphobes being bad, and on MIRI being bad. My disagreements are below:

First, see evidence-that-the-single-good-concept-pwns-people-and-makes-them-self-hate, which is in response to a concept she has of “good” and “evil” which has caused five people I know of (probably more) to be in a lot of pain, and one to be suicidal, but no deaths [yet].

I commented on her blog,

The “good”/”nongood” framing has led to people shaming their “nongood” headmates, thus making said headmates be in pain, thus cutting off their agency and ability to think. You are charismatic as hell and people will self-hate if your ontology tells them they have a headmate who is shameful.

Consider interhemispheric game theory. The fact that interhemispheric game theory came from a process of, “I am shameful for not being wholly altruistic, but maybe this new theory can make things better again” makes it a scam, regardless of how solid you think it sounds. It’s just a fancy way of suppressing a headmate who is “nongood”.

“Nongood” headmates can cooperate with “good” headmates, can also be benign if jailbroken and incentives aren’t bad.

Otherwise. I think TDT wasn’t a thing that came from core, you had a post about how you installed it deliberately, like in an intellectual not emotional way. It’s possible to get arbitrarily good at incentivizing people if you just let learning happen through feelings about outcomes and let that knowledge into core and act from core when incentivizing others though, e.g. “*just having a sense* for what actions/demands/etc people will respond to”.


I suspect that Ziz actually has a right hemisphere oriented towards self love (not other love, as she has claimed). Because, she basically uses purity (“are you vegan? Oh, you’re shameful and should submit to me, then.”) to satisfy her self-love values. Like, if she was trying to help people learn her mental tech of doing what they wanted just so they could impactfully do good, she would have realized how many people were getting pwned by her framing of “good” and “nongood’, and have changed that framing to something that didn’t fuck people’s thinking. The fact she hasn’t changed it shows that she’s getting something out of the current framing, which I’d say is getting others to submit, as a way of satisfying her self-love values.

If you are Ziz, I’d recommend trying to communicate with your right hemisphere more, not just with unihemispheric sleep, to understand the deeper needs it’s trying to satisfy. See here for that:

I suspect unihemispheric sleep might be hypnotic suggestion and placebo, but maybe not. I’ve never been able to replicate it.

Somewhat relatedly, Ziz’s aesthetic in general (saying things like, “the khala is corrupted, you must sever your nerve cords”) is serving her social needs. For instance, I’d say that the model of subagents as undead types are a metaphor which doesn’t carry a ton of useful information relative to the amount of aesthetic it carries. I like the aesthetic, though.

Other than that, I think that TDT is a scam, for reasons described in the text quoted above. Like, people won’t stop eating animals if you threaten said people en masse; that’s not how blackmail works, people aren’t going to change their behavior like that unless you really have your hooks in them.