My Actual Plan

AI seems like a possible thing you could build a save-the-world plan around, and I think I’ve figured out why I used to procrastinate around coding, so I can look into that again later. Will rewrite this once I do.

First, what skills do I have? I have hella upper class skills, and am upper class overall despite having shed all of those skills which were incompatible of following my true self’s values. I’m bad at technical stuff, partial exception to chemistry because of doing it for four years. Slightly lower “raw intelligence” than other jailbroken people I know, reasonably more self-trust than other jailbroken people who have a hemisphere which is oriented towards other-love, mainly because of class advantage letting me satisfy my self-love type needs easily. Better at management of technical projects than people who have been doing that their whole lives. Was able to come up with a better cure for a disease than anything that had existed at the time.

So, probably my comparative-advantage-weighted-by-impact is something like,

“become billionaire, via project relating to having a patent on a near-cure for a disease, which is already underway; then fund marine cloud brightening research, put my name on it and try to garner fame of a kind that people can see isn’t fake and comes from actually doing things, which will appeal to people who like praxis. Set up a meditation-and-mental-tech retreat, use fame to get people who have a headmate oriented towards other-love to come, basically run the same algorithm I’ve used for “product development iteration” on getting the retreat optimized for outcomes in the sense of jailbreaking people effectively.”

Probably I can’t find find people I trust to run geoengineering projects or how-to-do-farming-at-scale-with-minimal-suffering projects for me (idk? we’ll see), so I’ll have to pick one to do first. Probably the farming at scale one appeals to the right sort of people more, but singlehandedly stopping global warming would reach a larger audience. And probably I’d be a lot of people’s most trusted-by-praxis person even if I did the former. I’m unsure which would be best to do first.

Note that I’m explicitly working within the system to do this. Known flaw is known. I suspect it will still predictably work, because the end goal is mentally breaking people out of the system, not building structure within it. Except… probably the meditation retreats at scale needs to be paired with, explicit content on prey herd thinking, e.g. “how to not be harassed for being poor, and living without spending many resources”, not just content on mental tech.

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