Meeting Maslow’s Hierarcy Needs

Let’s talk about a bunch of different ways to meet Maslow’s hierarchy needs. Self-love oriented headmates seem to have, “meet my Maslow’s hierarchy needs” as their true value.

If you have a headmate who is oriented towards self-love and one who is oriented towards other-love, one common need that’s hard to satisfy is, finding close friends who have a similar headmate configuration, or who can understand the sorts of mental tech discussed on this blog at all, or who are trying to save the world.

Anyways, some spaces are way better for meeting this sort of person than others. In particular, I’d recommend: trans-only spaces, vegan spaces, the LessWrong Discord server (be fucking careful of the TERFs and general pwnage there), or just reaching out to me, since I’m still looking for friends.

Another thing, which really deserves its own blog, is the “meeting basic needs” part of Maslow’s Hierarchy. Often meaning financial resources. Gwen has talked a lot about, how having a job will pwn you, in the sense of, both soaking up all of your time, soaking up all of your intellectual energy (depending on the job), and demanding that you play social games and socially justify your actions (which can undo the skills from this blog, if you let it). This seems basically right, and her solution is basically, to get a vehicle you can live in, get on food stamps and other government support, and then you’ll have few enough expenses that you mostly don’t have to work.

If you have to work, contracting will let you play fewer social games (and thus having to socially justify your actions, and thus having to break down your skill of doing what you want) than working for someone else. Probably the most expensive skill I have is one I learned in a week (how to write patents, could probs charge 30-50/hr for it), and I wholeheartedly recommend this book as comprehensive enough to be your only resource to teach yourself with. Other than that, living with parents may or may not work; I’m very strong in ignoring the socially-justifying-everything shit they pull and just doing what I want anyways, so it’s a good arrangement for me.

There are whole websites on financial munchkinry (don’t get sucked in by the early retirement ones; you don’t want to spend that much time working, and if you have learned all the mental tech from this blog, you’ll be smart enough that you can reliably do a startup and retire in way less time than working for someone else), so look around.

And, here we are, at the end of Mental Engineering. Go back and work through Parts I and II if you just read all of this and haven’t yet. Leave a comment below if you need help with any of this. And, take care of yourself out there. <3

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