Last Steps

Once you’re very far into having processed your emotions and doing what you want, you can start looking for areas of your life where you seem to be stuck, or lacking willpower.

An example would be, recently, I realized meditation wasn’t solving my germophobia, which was becoming tiresome. So I asked my therapist, who suggested exposure therapy, which totally worked.

You can also look for areas in your models of the world where you seem to be stuck. I imagine that you’d waste lots of time if you didn’t realize people were burning most of their energy off on social games.

The other thing, is to always be asking yourself what you want to do. And then, just doing it. Be in the moment. That way, your flow of willpower from your true self will be uninterrupted and infinite.

As mentioned before, continue doing mindfulness even once you’ve done enough to process all your emotions. You can fuck yourself up by processing them all and then going a year without meditation. Alternatively, you may have enough skill in introspection once you’ve reached this point that you can tweak the process of meditation—though, I still have to physically sit down to process emotions, and can’t do it while biking or driving even though I’ve tried to.

If you’ve read this far but haven’t started on any of the skills, go do that. I’ll eventually start a similar retreat to teach all this when I have the cash, but for now, use this one. Experiment with mindfulness and see how much you gain, and if you gain enough to justify continuing, then do. Ask for help in the comments if you get stuck, and maybe re-read Parts I and II once you’re a couple hundred hours in. Good luck.

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