Infodump of Experiences

I’ve been told that, there are lots of valuable insights people get out of talking to me beyond what they get from reading my blog, but that they can’t put a finger on what those are exactly. So, I’ll post random snippets that aren’t the core material of this blog here (examples will accumulate slowly over time).

I expect about half of this to be videos of me using mental tech, and half to be other stuff, eg chat logs or conversations recorded so I can share them.

Me using tech:

First time using “give a headmate control and let them draw/write with your non dominant hand: here, 12/05/19

second time: here, 12/10/19

first time chod demon meditation: here, 12/14/19

How I think:

analysis of vegan cheese and marketability and taste

my actual (world saving) plan

Other Stuff:

chat log on why MIRI is useless

Jailbroken Cleverness 1 (friend quote)

clever thing 2 (friend quote)

Abuse reports:

Note that I’m fine with you sharing any of these (as with anything I write) on whatever platforms you choose.

Alice Monday

Robert Lecnik

Tilia Bell (enabler, not direct abuse)

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