Improving on Socialism

a feminism of unprecedented cunning, scale, and vision… Xenofeminism is not a bid for revolution, but a wager on the long game of history, demanding imagination, dexterity and persistence.

When you take effective altruism and add a bit of perspective (like from being trans or black), or you take socialism and add utilitarianism, you end up with almost the same thing: a hope for preventing as much suffering as fucking possible. This page is directed at people who are coming at that intersection from the perspective of socialism.

I said in the last post, that socialists will often realize that some problems are systemic, and can’t be solved without changing systems. An example,

The philosopher Frantz Fanon was a psychiatrist treating Algerian torture survivors during the French occupation, and he realised that there was no point making them better when the main problem in their lives, the fact that the French were occupying their country and torturing them, was still there. There’s no point making them better if you’re just gonna send them out into the world that’s gonna mess them up again. So he resigned his post and he joined the revolutionaries!

And like, this is an improvement over predictably wasting your time working within a system that’s making people worse.

I am sure that not all readers of this blog have within them, a burning feeling that they need to stop as much suffering as possible, and some sense that adopting all the techniques on this blog will enable them to do that.

But for those who do, I would say: becoming an Algerian revolutionary will not stop all the suffering.

There’s a joke in Buddhism, that you cannot attain enlightenment as a man or a woman, you have to realize that all identities are shit and need to be discarded. (This is often told by conservative cisgender Buddhists who later enforce gender roles irl.) And if you’re a socialist or an effective altruist or whatever, you sort of have to do the same thing; take the good stuff that these ideologies have, and ignore the rest. Strip out the DRM and learn from the useful parts until you know better than the ideology. Be willing to try to run for president of France as a homophobic conservative, bribe people to get past the primaries, then ignore all your promises and go full socialist and stop the Algerian war and give LGBT people full legal standing.

No, nobody ever did that. My guess is that even people who seem to care, mostly can’t be convinced to try something similar. I’d guess because it goes against social expectations of what a socialist is supposed to do?

You have to be open to going full psychopath, if you want to stop all the suffering. Part I of this blog already has all the tech you need to do that, to stop caring about what e.g. socialists are “supposed to do”. That’s really all this blog post is: I notice there’s a ton of far-left vegans who get “stuck” on doing things the socialist way, and I am saying that there is more impact to be had if you jailbreak yourself out of this mindset.

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