Factory Farming

It’s hard to know exactly how many factory farmed animals there are, since the last survey on broiler chicken populations is like 15 years old, and they make up just over half of all farmed animals. A good enough approximation is that there are 2 factory farmed animals alive at any moment for every human.

(There are actually 5 factory farmed animals alive in any given year for every human alive in that year, but that’s just because most of said animals are broilers, and broilers live a sixth of a year, so the number of factory farmed alive at any given moment is more like two).

Even when you run the lower-bound case… well, there’s still more than one factory farmed animal for every human, and when you look at the average conditions, it’s easy to see that’s where the majority of the misery & disutility on this earth is.

I’d bet the average factory farmed animal suffers more than the average human is happy. But even though there’s way more suffering than happiness on earth, I’m not a negative utilitarian, because I looked into myself and figured out that negative utilitarianism just didn’t resonate with me. Doing what you want is a fully general defense like that.

Again, factory farming is where the most suffering is, and therefore it’s (one of) the most important things to work on.

And I don’t have any ideas on how one could do this in a satisfying way. DxE’s plan seems unsatisfying/unlikely to work (“make it have a socially bad connotation”), and measures to make factory farming less bad are like, compromising with evil way too much, like even if it was only 20% as bad as it currently is then that would still be too much suffering.

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