Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy can’t be used to process anything mindfulness can’t. And mindfulness seems generally more effective. So, I’ve delisted this post from Part I.

If you have a phobia, e.g. a fear of something that isn’t serving you or is no longer serving you, exposure therapy is a standard technique for that that works very well. I’m just going to link to a good post on how to do it, since I don’t have anything to add.

If you do exposure therapy and the fear temporarily goes away, but later comes back, it’s probably serving you somehow, and you’ll want to learn why (see Part II). I currently think exposure therapy is less important than I did when I wrote this, but there’s nothing wrong with it, so you can learn it and try it, just know that if it feels like you’re having to force yourself to use it, you should abandon it and use another technique.

Here is the post.

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