Don’t Stop Too Early

You don’t want to spend more time meditating than is actually necessary to bring you benefits, but it’s very easy to stop while you still have emotions to work through. A good test of if you have more emotional shit to process is, “have I processed through anything, or gotten hung up on any emotions in the past twenty minutes?” If yes, keep meditating.

Really, you need to finish learning all the skills in Part II, and Part III, before you stop meditating. I have stopped meditating because I thought I’d finished working through all my shit, about six times. So, don’t just make sure you’ve processed through most of your emotions before you stop meditating altogether; learn the skills from Parts II and III first. I still spend a little time (5-10 minutes a day) explicitly trying to figure out what certain emotions are telling me, though my approach is mostly subagent-based these days.

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