Continuous Monitoring

So, let’s say you’re running this algorithm, as mentioned in the last post, to mediate disputes between your cores:

Do whatever feels emotionally loudest in the present moment. Repeat as often as your emotions change.

a brilliant person

You learned how to figure out what your emotions were telling you by practicing the stuff covered in Parts I and II. Still, I’ve personally had the experience of, working on a thing for several hours, and a nonverbal part of me notices something is wrong, and I keep working because I notice a small ping of wrongness but it’s just like, a small ping and I’m making progress, right? And, four hours later, I feel a very strong urge to play Skyrim in order to quiet my emotional pain, because it ballooned out of control out of my awareness.

Here’s something that’s worked very well for me: try having a phone app or timer that goes off every hour and a half or so, and spend five minutes scanning yourself for any feelings or emotions telling you that something is off. I’ve often done this and found emotions that say something like, “this whole product development strategy is wrong, I need to scrap my last week’s worth of work”. Where the emotion was the only thing pointing me to that conclusion, and I was wasting my time until I listened to it.

Another one: try doing weekly reviews of like, “when did I procrastinate this week and were any of those times because of stuff I still need to mentally process or learn from”. I did this last week and was like, “oh yeah, I’m still definitely not getting enough social time with people Sylvee likes, I knew that was an issue but I didn’t know that was exactly why I’d procrastinated last Thursday”.

Generally, habit-like things like this (“do X every week/day”) can be a bad idea if you’re trying to overwrite your true preferences with a habit you socially approve of and don’t always want to do. The classic example being new years’ resolutions to exercise at a certain time every day; don’t do that, it’s not doing what you want. Like, if you want to set a weekly calendar alert to remind yourself to do an emotional review as suggested in the above paragraph, I’d say: give yourself 100% permission to not do them, just set a reminder to ask yourself whether you want to do one right now, not a reminder to necessarily do them.

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