Engineering WIP

The two of me are unpublishing nearly everything, since many of our framings of various problems and how things in the mind work aren’t quite right.

What I think is correct, is basically:

doing what you want is important, for your ability to have willpower and energy

-being Just is important; this includes being vegan and not hurting anyone or causing them to break down their agency (as BDSM does). Evil actions will be punished one day, and I don’t want to be up against the wall when the time comes.

-fascism is a threat, transmysia is a threat, power for power’s own sake is a threat

-everyone has two headmates. Alignments are a thing, and headmates can have different alignments. If you’re only doing what one of them wants, this will cause issues with respect to internal discoherence, procrastionation, etc.

-shrooms and acid are excellent for helping people process trauma. set up a comfortable cozy environment to trip in, prep some food you like beforehand, check if your substance is safe if that’ll help you relax, and use a slightly low dose your first time

-emotional healing is a thing, but for nongood undead types other than liches, it may not be that important since you can just get traumatized again. Because the world is the sort of place that traumatizes people fucking fast. Thus, do not make healing your only focus–rather, focus on doing what you want even if your experience is that engaging with reality is fucking painful.

-if engaging with reality is painful, you can try breaking down your agency/ability to do things, e.g. go play a bunch of video games, as a way to hide from the pain. In my experience, hiding from pain becomes harder the more stuff beyond the veil of social reality that you see, and it becomes harder the further along you get with implementing mental tech. So it’s not sustainable if part of you is drawn towards learning shit beyond the veil of social reality, or drawn to learn shit about your brain as to become better at doing good

-if you end up breaking down your agency to hide from emotional pain, and it doesn’t work: try shrooms/acid, but also try addressing your headmates individually, and if only one of them is in pain, try doing what that headmate wants really hard. Get in touch if you’re having trouble. this is kinda advice for single goods, though i have to admit i don’t really know what I’m doing yet, so, shrug

-be making a constant effort to let your structure be chewed up by core, e.g. see if your habits are serving your deep values and change them if not. (last 2 links are to videos on chod meditation, which can be very helpful for communicating between your two headmates and figuring out who your two headmates even are).

-lack of financial privilege means by default that you get pwned, but there are ways to munchkin this

-the world burns by default, and if you’re a psychologically evil person (like me), probably this is worth stopping for selfish reasons

embodiment may be important for healing, but again, healing is kinda overrated, since the world will probably just break you again. Though it may be very worth it to heal on the axes where you can, and see if you only get re-broken in a few different ways, rather than staying broken in all the ways you currently are

Good luck out there. Remember, one day, all beings shall be free.

Start of disorganized, remaining posts: embodiment
Note that the posts I have up aren’t “gives a well rounded explanation of how I feel atm” so much as “I took down everything I’d already written that wasn’t obviously good”. So some topics are missing entirely while others may be overrepresented